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krissygirl98 asked a question.

URGENT! Getting my eyebrows waxed for…
I've never had them done before, and I'm not sure how thing or thick i should have them. I'm going today, so help?
krissygirl98 replied to girlssss what do you think about my…

"your eyeliner is really pretty! "
krissygirl98 asked a question.

Would a long bob look good with my face…
Its right about at the middle of my ribcage now, but i want to get it cut. I'm not sure how long/short. I was thinking like selena gomez's…
krissygirl98 wants your vote.

What hair length is best for me?
Some of the pictures are kind of old, but thats expected because my hair was short now its long, it goes to the middle of my ribcage.
krissygirl98 asked a question.

Would a long bob be good for my face?…
My hair right now is in the middle of my ribcage, the photo my hair is in a ponytail. I want to get a bob like the one Selena Gomez had. (the one with…
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