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How to make glitter nails
This style is perfect for a day time activity or a night time party. Its super cute and you will always get compliments. I know i did. Its also…
krhe3 replied to How do you make your nails grow fast?

"get stop the bite clear nail polish. its at walmart for only $3 and works amazingly. i used it and haven't bitten my nails for almost a…
krhe3 replied to which 5 nails look the best ?

"1 if your edgy and plus not many would suggest it. 6 or 7 if your the cutsie little girlie type. my all time favorite is 6 thogh"
krhe3 replied to what shall i do with short nailes?

"if you want your nails to grow fast get stop the bite from walmart. its only like $3 and it works amazingly. i havent bitten my nails for almost a…
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