BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal medium to tan skin, ash blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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kksparkel32 replied to is this a bad make over?

"the hair color and the lipstick dont go together... change the hair color!"
kksparkel32 commented on Before or after kim kardashian

"she looks better as a natural!"
kksparkel32 replied to how can you make your hair look longer?

"by straightening it, and keeping your hair healthy and clean.. try diffrent shampoos and conditionirs and ask your hair stylest for advice…
kksparkel32 replied to blonde or not??

"yeah! you look really good as a blonde!"
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Witch LUSH soap do you like best?
I love all these... but what is your favorite of all?????????
kksparkel32 replied to do you think i should wear?

"i dont think they work well together.. try the skirt with a tight plain black shirt or maybe the shirt with a pair of skinny jeans!"
kksparkel32 wants your vote.

What is your favorite victoria secret…
Pick one! I know! Its so hard!
kksparkel32 wants your vote.

Which outfit is your favorite????
Select an oufit that you like best!
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