I live in a world of fantasy, so keep your reality away from me!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination light skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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bigg makeup lover

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kklash1 commented on What do you think of Kristen Stewart…

"she was stunning but i think she must change her hairstyle its boring..who agrees?"
kklash1 commented on girls what is your favorite pink ???

"i like 2nd very classy!"
kklash1 commented on The most glamorous dress?

"no.2. just loooove it"
kklash1 replied to What do I use for healthy shiny hair?

"i completely agree with goodfaith and shontelle28 because i do the same i use keratin conditionar ohh i love its smell and also tresemme…
justyas3 has posted on kklash1 's corner

"love your profile pic!x ♥"
loveiskind92 has posted on kklash1 's corner

"hello, can you give me another makeover..like the last one! <3"
kklash1 commented on Celebrate Labor Day with TAAZ

"wow i will very soon upload my makeover!"
loveiskind92 has posted on kklash1 's corner

"thanks for the comment. let me know when you give me more makeovers"
kklash1 commented on AJ Lee

"and this is my 1st makeover of the WWE Divas."
kklash1 commented on AJ Lee

"hey guys! I m going to do some makeovers on some of WWE Divas."
kklash1 published a new makeover.

AJ Lee
WWE Wrestler.
kklash1 commented on first one

"wow you have done a great work!ilove it!"
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