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I'm new to makeup but I've already learned a lot from reading up on it online! My favorite past times are to read and to eat :D.

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"thank you!"
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"thank you!"
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"Thanks for liking my makeover! -Gwen"
kiwi_gal asked a question.

How can I keep my lips from peeling?
Every once in a while my lips start peeling like crazy and it drives me nuts! I am constantly putting on chapstick, so my lips are never dry...I…
kiwi_gal asked a question.

What's the best way to curl…
I want to know what the best way to curl your lashes is? I use a drugstore lash curler, but my friend swears by a plain old silver spoon! Her…
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"this year, i am thankful for my new peacoat that will keep me warm all winter!"
kiwi_gal asked a question.

How often should you replace…
I love using my exfoliating gloves but I'm wondering how often I should replace them? I squeeze the water out and hang them up on a shower…
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"low i'm a fun"
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How can I get eyebrows like Emma Watson?
I love Emma Watson's eyebrows! I've been trying to grow mine out for over a year, but they still have some bare spots. Since it's…
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"Ahaha also a glee fan! I am also new her on this website and I really like it : )"
  1. @nunez123

    same with me :)

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  5. @yassersaavedra


kiwi_gal asked a question.

How do I prevent my nails from chipping?
I have weak and brittle nails, which I heard can be caused from diet as well as biting, lifestyle habits, etc. What are some good ways to prevent…
kiwi_gal replied to what is perfect hairstyle for a 30years…

"I think a medium-long hairstyle with some light layers on the bottom and side bangs would complement your face shape!"
kiwi_gal replied to I'm bored with my long black hair -…

"I love your bangs! What about adding some side bangs and some layers to give more movement to your hair? It'll be perfect for summer!"
kiwi_gal replied to What is the best way to scrunch your hair…

"I like to do it while my hair is still slightly damp. The dampness helps the hair from getting as frizzy when you're scrunching your hair.…
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"The 2nd pair is so cute!"
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