Can't wait for spring :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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a 26 year-old who loves splurging on makeup a bit much for her own good :D

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kittyb00 asked a question.

Is a smoky eye appropriate for work?
I really love the smoky eye look but is it okay to wear to work? Or is it too over the top? I'm talking about something like Dianna Agron has in…
kittyb00 asked a question.

What's the difference between a…
Lately, all I hear people talking about are curling wands. How is a curling wand different than a curling iron (besides the clamp)? Does it make…
Aelspet23 has posted on kittyb00 's corner

"Finally, someone from Ohio! Haha!"
hzlaugher has posted on kittyb00 's corner

"♥Happy Easter!♥"
kittyb00 published a new video.

Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2012…
I love Juicy Couture and try to buy one (little) thing every time they have a new collection. It's my guilty pleasure brand! Anyway, I…
kittyb00 commented on LookBook 2012: Getting Into Spring…

"Cute looks. Thanks for sharing the video!!"
kittyb00 commented on Color Block

"I love this trend. It's really fun! :)"
kittyb00 replied to what is the best way to dye dark brown…

"I agree with @passionforbeauty about going to a pro for this color change. If the colors are too different, you might have to go a couple of…
kittyb00 replied to which natural lip color is more in trend…

"I think natural lip color never really goes out of style so it's always a good option! "
kittyb00 replied to what color foundation and blush suit me…

"Post and pic and we can help you better. "
kittyb00 commented on should I dye my hair blonde?

"Yes! The light blonde looks totally natural on you. I love it :)"
kittyb00 commented on Which makeup pouch should I buy?

"Get the Juicy butterfly one for sure! I have that one and it's super roomy :)"
kittyb00 commented on What dress is prettiest?

"These are all great but I think the black is the best"
kittyb00 commented on Street Style: New York City

"The top and trousers are really cute. I want to track down that top for sure!! :)"
kittyb00 commented on Which sandals should I buy?

"I love the first pair! I would totally wear those with a dress ;)"
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