Would you guys like a beauty article on how to get Kylie Jenner lips? <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, fair skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Welcome to my Taaz! A nice little destination for ulzzang, Lolita, Asian, gyaru, cosplay, etc. <3

Feel free to come to me for any kind of advice! I also do makeovers for anyone so feel free to send me a pic of yourself and I will give you a makeover.

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"Would you guys like a beauty article on how to get Kylie Jenner lips? <3"
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"Have a makeup artist do contouring on your face so that your face isn't too dark. Contouring will balance shadows and highlights on your…
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"I honestly think your hairstyle and color looks amazing on you and I don't see anything to change. (You also have a Scarlett Johansson…
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"Try going for a brunette hair color then add in light brown highlights like in the picture. Grow out your hair and curl it like in the picture so…
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"Thank you very much for the input! <3 I will do that."
kitkatrox asked a question.

Can I wear a mermaid/trumpet dress with a…
I don't have a flat stomach but I'm skinny...My size is: 29 for bust, 30 for waist, 34 for hips. Will this dress suit me? Or look…
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"I love your makeup <3 and lol I feel it. Everyday I always have a bold cat eye and lip on."
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"I love wet and wild lipsticks <3"
kitkatrox replied to I really want a new look. I'm 39 and…

"For makeup, try going for cat eyeliner for a different yet flattering look. Use warm neutral eyeshadows, preferably a dark neutral tone on…
kitkatrox published a new makeover.

kitkatrox published a new makeover.

Oscar look
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"@alainabrayla Thank you so much! <3"
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"@lzadri06 Haha thank you! <3"
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