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How to do Natural Makeup look
Dressing up is a great time for glam makeup. But recently I have been noticing a lot of celebs toning it down with a more natural look.
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How to keep you red hair from fading
1. Suds Up Safely. The cardinal post-coloring rule: "Wait at least two days to wash your hair," Washing right away can cause your…
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"i love her hair, but I'm not too in love with her makeup, her face does not match her skin tone. BUT I LOVE TARTE COSMETICS.A"
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Bad smelling perfumes
1. Beetroot. Serious question: Who, besides Dwight Schrute, would wear this cologne? 2. Bodily Fluids. Blood, sweat, spit...semen?!…
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"@ashleymoreno Thanks"
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"Use a good conditioner, like pantene for dry hair, or for curly hair if you have curly hair. Leave it on for like 10 minutes and wash it off with…
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"The best shampoo for dry scalp contains tea tree oil and cooling mints, which is found in Head and Shoulder, Biolage and Paul Mitchell."
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"Bronzer can make your cheek bones more defined, but you have to highlight your cheeks, not on the apple of the cheeks. Putting a orsy color on…
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