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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, darkest brown middy straight hair

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"Keep Calm & Dream On <3"
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Bella Swan [As A Vampire]
Man I love this movie/book♥
katiskrazy210 commented on Which Outfit For The Summer?

"I was thinking about wearing outfit 1 but I really love outfit 6 or 3 "
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"@BrianaEHernandez Ok thanks"
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Which Outfit For The Summer?
Hey guys! I have no idea which outfit I should wear in the summer :O All these outfits seem great but which one looks best? You choose!
katiskrazy210 replied to Should I Brush My Hair When It's Wet…

"You should brush it when it is wet, so then when it dries up it won't be tangled :) Also, when you wash your hair be sure to put on conditioner!…
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"Both are great."
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Which Lipstick Color?!
Hello! I have a question, which color lipstick should I use? I have 3 lipstick colors similar to these and would like to ask which one I should…
katiskrazy210 commented on Does my hair look best curly, wavy or…

"I like straight, but curly looks best :)"
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"I guess my makeover looks OK? What do you guys think?"
katiskrazy210 commented on Neon Lights

"Very colorful! x♥x♥"
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"I love what you did with the eyeliner! Very amazing, you should be a makeup artist ♥"
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"I hope to become a makeup artist someday. If not, I can at least try makeovers on friends and family for parties or other occasions."
katiskrazy210 replied to How fast do lashes grow back?

"Maybe you should cut the other lashes ( at least so it looks even ) but for now try on fake lashes so it looks more attractive :) "
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