by the way i am not in my 30's, im 15.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination medium to tan skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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i'm 15 and loving it. live in the dump welly and i love movies, make up, my friends and my family. fashion&beauty.
i wish that i could be prettier but that's the way the cookie crumbles. doing my gcse's (thank god they're almost finished!) and i actually kind of enjoy it. so far a* in drama, german and art, a's in pe english maths and science and a b in history. all going well!

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katielbirch1 replied to what colour to dye my hair?

"thanks for the advice, i went for some goldy blonde highlights and it looks good:)"
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"by the way i am not in my 30's, im 15."
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what colour to dye my hair?
well i have brown hair and my mum said i can finally highlight my hair! i have a natural goldy blonde tone and i don't whether to get goldy…
katielbirch1 replied to how do i make myself look older without…

"thank you all for the advice and morale boost, very helpful!"
katielbirch1 replied to What colour should I dye my hair???

"i wouldn't dye it! i envy people with ginger hair, it's very rare! you're gorgeous as you aree!"
katielbirch1 replied to Would a chestnut hair suit me?

"i think maybe just a few chestnut highlights and maybe bits of copper!"
katielbirch1 asked a question.

how do i make myself look older without…
i'm 15 but i look about 12, i want to look my age but without loads of make up...
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sort of like this colour
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