BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, light skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I have shiny golden-blonde hair (looks white in the summer) super blue eyes. my hair is about medium length. I also found a lot of good treatments for my acne. Also, I <3 Annie :) shes the ultimate! I know a lot about make up and outfits ;) ask me anything and I will try my best to give a good answer :)
<3 Kasey

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kaseyashen commented on coppe?!

"hi addie. RED is not a good hair color for you. It looks AWESOME on most people, except for you ;) haha just kidding. Luv ya girly! just please…
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My Holiday Favorites
Hair and makeup are definitely a big part of the holidays. There are always tons of parties and ways to show off how beautiful you are! So first…
kaseyashen commented on Which would be better for a pagent?

"the 3rd or fourth one definetly. I dont honestly think the first two would be a very good fit unlesss you plann on looking like cinderella."
kaseyashen commented on New Years Eve Outfit

"the orange is definetly more new years eve like. I like the shape of the dress better aswell"
kaseyashen commented on Wich hair colour suits her best?

"I think the dark definetly defines her face a lot better. It definely defines her jaw line and makes her face looks skinnier and nicely…
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How do you keep eyeliner from coming off…
I put eyeliner on a lot for school because it makes my eyes look really nice. But by the end of the day it comes off, I only put it on my bottom…
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kaseyashen 's new status :

"just kidding"
kaseyashen 's new status :

"happy kwanzicamas"
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kaseyashen commented on Sarah Jessica Parker dresses! Choose…

"2!!!!!!! its so preeeeetty :P"
kaseyashen commented on What color gown do you like best?

"I like them both but I think the red one would be more fitting for a party :)"
kaseyashen commented on What hair to have for the babyshower?

"straight! :) definetly :)"
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"Awwwwwwww :)"
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