Happy to be single and free
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, reddish brown very long (mid-back) wavy hair

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Just Graduated Yr 9

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junior_is_my_dog replied to what advice do you have for me?

"Just a little twist, nothing major, you dont need it.. just keep smiling too"
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here is you 2
your hair colour with a twist of style and a little bbit of makeup not much tho.. we don't need to cover up beauty
junior_is_my_dog published a new makeover.

Here is you
Just a nice honey sweet hair
Blacktears123 has posted on junior_is_my_dog 's corner

"It good to be single....Cause guys are juz an accessorie"
  1. @junior_is_my_dog

    I think it as i don't need a boyfriend cause they just add stress. When i meet a boy who doesn't give me stress then ill see

junior_is_my_dog 's new status :

"Happy to be single and free"
junior_is_my_dog replied to What colour would suit me?

"TRy some honey blonde highlights "
junior_is_my_dog commented on How to remove all make-up

"@beatz101 you can get it some stores or at a pharmacy"
junior_is_my_dog replied to What will make my hair grow fast?

"@ Madeleine hair grows slowest at night and when you sleep "
junior_is_my_dog commented on How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

"@MeaganMUA but shampoo doesnt disinfect does it now."
junior_is_my_dog commented on How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

"wait but does that disinfect the brush... also it can be pretty expensive to people who can't access it you could use my method i learnt...…
junior_is_my_dog published a new howto.

How to remove all make-up
This how-to is to tell you how to remove all make-up using simple ingredients.
junior_is_my_dog replied to what can i use to remove all my waterproof…

"Mix aloe vera water and extra virgin olive oil and put that on a cotton pad and it will remove all makeup"
junior_is_my_dog commented on What looks better?

"this isnt my face i got it off the internet cause i couldnt get a good enough photo of me"
junior_is_my_dog commented on Which Makeover is Worse? ;)

"They both look horrible seriously i hope your not planning to look like that the first one is to pink really and the second on red doesnt go with…
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