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"Hello is anyone out there?"
juniejune commented on What To Eat For Healthy Skin

"A lot of people don't make this link, but it's so true, you become what you eat. "
juniejune commented on How to Protect Skin

"This piece comes in handy, as I fried myself to a crisp yesterday. It's hard to find reliable information online. I know this is all good…
juniejune commented on Excellent Self-Tann Products

"There's nothing worse than buying a sunless tanner that just turns you orange. Thanks for doing the "LEG" work for us."
juniejune commented on What to Wear to the Office?

"Thanks for this article. It's true, it's quite a conundrum to know what to wear when it's 100 plus outside, but teeth chattering…
juniejune commented on How to Get Smooth Legs

"I wonder why we were put on this planet with dry flaky legs? Thank God for exfoliators."
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