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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, fair skin, golden brown hair

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I love fashion, make up, and hair.

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genevieve77777 has posted on joygirl1420 's corner

"I Don't see why you add makeup,you are very pretty"
joygirl1420 replied to What should i do to my hair?

"Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I would not change it. :) "
joygirl1420 replied to what color should i dye my hair???

"I love the brown hair color in your photo! So pretty! "
joygirl1420 replied to would black be a good hair color for me?

"I think dark brown would be great on you. Black can be harsh on one's facial features. "
joygirl1420 commented on Which hairstyle and color??

"I like either the blonde or brunette of pictures 2 and 3. :) "
joygirl1420 replied to what do you think about my hair?? I need a…

"I think a few darker golden, honey, or caramel highlights on the top half of your hair would look great! Your complexion is similar to penelope…
joygirl1420 commented on Which one suits me better?

"I agree with hkec, the hair in profile pic is great :). "
joygirl1420 commented on joygirl1420's Makeover

"@hkec Thanks! I'm naturally brunette. "
joygirl1420 commented on joygirl1420's Makeover

"@hkec Thanks!! :) "
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