Starting the day a beautiful way......
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, light skin, reddish brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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I'm a varsity cross country runner for my high school. Theater production is my life. I cannot stand to have the same style for to long and tend to make rash dissuasions when it comes to my hair.

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Nose piercing advice?
I got my nostril pierced about 4 days ago and the piercing itself seems to be doing fine. The inside of my nose however isn't. I am…
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"Starting the day a beautiful way......"
jocelyndavis113 asked a question.

How to do eyeliner
Whenever I try to put on eyeliner I end up making a very thick line which makes it look like extremly dark eye shadow. Any tips on how else to put…
jocelyndavis113 asked a question.

Can you go swimming when you dye your…
I want to dye my hair and I want to know if swimming in a pool will mess up the color I dye my hair.
jocelyndavis113 replied to Should I get layers?

"Thanks for your advice. @BrianaEHernandesz do you happen to have any pictures of the hairstyle you sugested? And if not do you have a website…
jocelyndavis113 asked a question.

Should I get layers?
I know my hair is pretty wavy and all the pictures i've seen of girls with layers have straight hair. I cant straighten my hair everyday but I…
jocelyndavis113 asked a question.

What do you think?
I really want to dye my hair a different color. I was thinking a red color or maybe a dark brown. I have very fair skin, blu eyes, and dirty blonde…
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