Hello beautiful people! follow me and i will follow you back! please read my latest trend.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, reddish brown wavy hair

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Helllo beautiful people! my name is Jessica Adams and i am from Chicago, IL. I am 17 years old and i have a twin sister named Lenora who assists me in my artistry. I will begin to post more pictures as soon as possible! please follow me and i will follow you back >!!!! xoxoxoxo ~jessie<3

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pretty blonde
i think the blonde is a pretty shade:)
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"Hello beautiful people! follow me and i will follow you back! please read my latest trend."
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3 tips to keep hair hydrated in the summer…
In the summer months, hair can get dehydrated by the sun, chlorine and salt water. In the wintertime, things aren't much better, as the…
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"hello beautiful people!! i am jessica!! follow me and my sister lenora, -> @Nora_X_Adams"
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"heart shaped face, definately:)"
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"its very pretty .!!!! if you want to , go for it! its hot, and mine is about the same length, but i decided to keep it long because i worry about how…
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