Beuty is more important on the inside than the outside

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jent1 replied to What hairstyle will I suit?

"go with one of these"
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jent1 replied to Should I go Fire Engine Red?

"No I would go with one of these reds "
jent1 replied to How should i style/color my hair?

"any of these woud look good on you or but I want your hair"
jent1 's new status :

"Beuty is more important on the inside than the outside"
jent1 replied to how should i get my hair cut? im not sure…

"I would say any of these ...........................joking with the last one"
jent1 commented on Should I go beach blonde?

"It is bleach blond and no you shouldn't just so you I am a kid and I know so that is kind of sad"
jent1 commented on What should I wear to my friends party

"what kind of party is it"
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jent1 commented on Which makeover looks best???

"I like the eyes on the first one but the hair on the second one"
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