Loving the straightener!! <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal fair skin, vanilla blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I am an anime freak!!!! I love hello kitty, Domo, Invader Zim and Pokemon sooo much! I have medium length, really bright blonde hair, with bright blue eyes (i wear purple contacts)! I am called emo and scene but I do not label myself or others. I have lots more to say but I'm to lazy right now ^.^

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jazcecilia replied to Your FAVE Jeans! VOTE: What is your…

"super skinny low rise from stiches <3 <3"
jazcecilia asked a question.

How i should dye my hair, cut it,what…
i would also appreciate to know if i should keep the same. The photo is how i look ^.^
jazcecilia published a new makeover.

jazcecilia published a new makeover.

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"I think you would look good as a lighter brown!! ^.^"
jazcecilia asked a question.

What Colour Should I Dye My Bangs?!
I am putting colour streaks in my bangs and i am confused about what colour I should dye them. I have vanilla blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.…
jazcecilia replied to Does my face suits a short haircut?

"i could see you with short hair :) "
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"are you sceene kidddd??????"
jazcecilia replied to Is there any known alternative for…

"First of all don't go scene with out a reason because you will be hated and called a poser (i know ppl still hate me -.-) make this change over…
jazcecilia replied to iS "SCENE" HAIR REALLY THAT…

"oops forgot to say it is and amazing style and easy to do!!!!! :)"
jazcecilia replied to iS "SCENE" HAIR REALLY THAT…

"No it is not!!!!!! I have scene hair and it is perfectly healthy. But you must wash your hair every day, use heat protection, drink lots of…
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Make Eyes Look Bigger
Want to go for the anime eyes or scene look? keep reading!
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"Loving the straightener!! <3"
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