m full of advices related to ol ur beauty problmz.....ask aaway .......
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, fair skin, auburn bob straight hair

Mini Bio:
A SHORT DESCRIPTION ABOUT ME.. .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• FRIENDLY .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣» .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• TALKTIVE .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• ENERGETIC.«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• COOL .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• TRUSTFUL .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• HONEST .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• FUNKY .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• CONFIDENT .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• ATTITUDE .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• UNIQUE .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• SWEET .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• LOVELY .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• CUTE .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• CARING .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».•GUD-NATURED .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».•KIND-HEARTED .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».•LIVE MY LIFE WID FULL MASTI .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• INNOCENT .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• GRACEFUL .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• SWEET .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯EYE-CATCHING`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• UNDERSTANDING . GREAT «♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´STUNNING¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• .«♣».•´¯`•.«♣».• LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST MOST DEMANDED GUY

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"m full of advices related to ol ur beauty problmz.....ask aaway ......."
ivan_bhatnagar commented on Red

"@chocolatecharms thaaannkkuu"
ivan_bhatnagar commented on Winter Trends to Love

"sexxyyy bracelet........:) :D"
ivan_bhatnagar commented on Top 10 Products of 2012

"garnier products are jus so awesome..... i use them and dey definitly do wonders :) :)"
ivan_bhatnagar commented on 2012 Holiday List of Top Ten Favorites

"wow chocolate dipped strawberries........yummm ............:) "
ivan_bhatnagar commented on What to Wear for New Year's Eve

"wow the dress is so lovely........and the boots .........girls r gonna die to have dese ........."
ivan_bhatnagar replied to would emma stone front bangs look good on…

"yeah for sure dey willlook good on you.........:)"
ivan_bhatnagar commented on Trend to Try: Owl Accessories

"dat is jus soo cutee.......:) "
ivan_bhatnagar commented on which person looks the best?

"#1 is d best bt i olso lyk #5"
ivan_bhatnagar replied to What hair color would look best??

"#2 is awesome for you......and trust me you are gonna give complex to the celebrities wid dis hair color :) :) stay charming "
ivan_bhatnagar replied to How do I get rid of dark underarms?

"I will tell you an easy home remedies to get rid of dark underarms..... 1.Sandalwood powder and rose water for dark underarms Make a paste by…
ivan_bhatnagar replied to I am tired of using a liquid eyeliner. Is a…

"you can use a glossy pencil liner from LAVA GLOSS.... it has Shea butter which hydrates lids and lashes as it conditions promoting healthier…
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