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"Nice to see you here...love the new 'do."
  1. @ishanosx

    Thanks, girl! I'm starting to get more familiar with the site - its so fantabulous! Everyone really helped with my hair yesterday - I was so lost on my own! LOL Thank you, I'm thrilled with it as well!!


    PS - Are you not tweeting as much anymore? I never see you! I MISS YOU! hehe

ishanosx replied to I'm bored with my long black hair -…

"Thank you EVERYONE for your help! You guys REALLY gave me a lot to go on - and I actually think I did what you ALL suggested (if thats possible!) I…
ishanosx replied to Do You Think I Should Dye My Hair Blonde Or…

"Its hard to say with a black and white photo - but I think dark hair suits you well! Brown with blonde highlights is always a great choice to go…
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I'm bored with my long black hair -…
I'm quite bored with my hair! I've had long black hair with bangs for almost 2 years, so Im feeling in a rut. Confused as to whether or not…
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