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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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I am getting nearer the 40 mark in my life and have 3 lovely children..I am a nurse and a photographer..Both jobs I love..Stress is a big part of life but that's life!

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instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to What colur hair would suit a dark mixed…

"My friend is mixed race and has the same hair length as yourself..she has had some blond highlights put in and they look beautiful.."
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 commented on Which hair colour suits me best?

"i love the last one really brings out those beautiful eyes..looks natural too"
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to what makeup should i use?

"Do you set your foundation with powder? this helps..try a foundation that isn't oil based, max factor colour adapt or maybelline pure…
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to Blonde, red, brown? I'm wanting to…

"ah thanks! loving the light brown of Jennifer A and Jennifer Lopez! Tried red a few times but it fades too quickly and looks dull.. I have a young…
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to What hairstyles look good for round…

"definitely shorter hair with a fringe! "
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 asked a question.

Blonde, red, brown? I'm wanting to…
I am 38 and have been blonde in the past and i loved it..I met my husband as a brunette and He doesn't like blond hair? do I risk it? or go…
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to Help with my dark spots!

"Hey, pigments caused by sun damage can be hidden with a good concealer but can be expensive..I tried derma blend and it is fantastic but is very…
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to How can I be more feminine ?

"Hi, classic ivory true mineral by l'oreal I too have pail skin and this is a beautiful cover, not heavy at all..As for the goth part I would…
instyle__HKGHeYcfbgDtMK8 replied to Does toothpaste help get rid of spots?

"I have tried this but in my experience no..best thing is witch hazel..or a dab of perfume as alcohol dries them up :)"
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