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imkatie asked a question.

darkest eyeliner and mascara
what is the darkest eyeliner and mascara you guys have hurd of i dont were lots but when i were it i like it being dark :D !!!
imkatie asked a question.

what is the best primer ,foundation and…
i can pick out colors and stuff im just wondering what brands work the best ? plz help
imkatie replied to what can i do to reduce stretch marks

"there is also something called bio oil it works good you aply it strait on but if you need extra help then you can also put in in water when you have…
imkatie replied to haircuts

"layers & lots"
imkatie replied to how can i get rid of acne?

"find out what your skin type is if you think it needs something really harsh to get rid of all the acne maybe you could try something light you…
imkatie replied to wearing makeup when your breaking out?

"maybe just wear alot less makeup that day :) "
imkatie replied to How to get rid of stretch marks for really…

"i think bio oil is supposed to do the job but i recomend you look it up befor getting it"
imkatie replied to Does toothpaste help get rid of spots?

"YES but it depends for different people if you have alot i would recomend you to try and find something els but at the last minuette if you see…
imkatie replied to Which product do you reccomend?

"i think spectro jel would help alot its realy smooth its not strong it just a nice jel "you can shoose what type you want ->or you could…
imkatie replied to what colour should i dye my hair?

"i think blond would look great on you! "
imkatie wants your vote.

what prom dress is the best?
its acctuly middle school and we are haveing NARP "not a real prom ~ in grade 8
imkatie asked a question.

what is my skin tone?
i thought i knew my skin tone but i don't know do you guys know
imkatie replied to What is a good sunless tanner product to…

"first off if thats really you in that pic your beautiful if not i bet you still are anyway to the point ik it sounds bad but haha theres something…
imkatie replied to How to stop biting my nails?

"some times they sell this clear nail stuff-it looks like a top layer to nail polish but it tastes terrible! you put in on your nails and the…
imkatie replied to Should I get more tanned or more pale..?

"you shouldnt try to stay out of the sun or try to tann in tanning beds or anything but if you want to do anything i would say "tan and there is…
imkatie replied to How do I get rid of the dark…

"sleep lots--- ,drink lots ,----a mix of coffee and water and aply under the eye(dont get in in your eye!)leave it there for a minute or two this…
imkatie replied to what should i use to get rid of pimples?

"it really depens on what type of skin you have benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid might work- also 2 weird things that sometimes work is putting…
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