Hello guys, hope you enjoy my makeovers! :) xx Leave the comment and let me know what you think! xoxo
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, mohagany long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Chocolate is my religion. ♥ Music is my life. ♥
Little bit more about me..:
• Name: Ruta
• Location: Lithuania
• B-Day: February 28th
• Appearance: Eyes - brown, hair - dark brown
• Personality: I’m quiet, friendly person but also stubborn. Sometimes I just freak out.
Love to laugh and joke around for fun!
I cannot imagine my life without music, singing, dancing, summer, shopping, chocolate and candiesss.
The girl who doesn’t get involved in drama.
Not afraid to show my personality through style. I don’t like being a copy.
I love animals. Especially dogs and cats. I adooore huskies and labrador retrievers.
I’m artistic.
The Perfect Day: My Perfect Day would be to spend time with friends or family, go to cinema, cafe, watch some movie, talking about everything and of course shopping! Do somethin’ freaky and funny. I love traveling, so it would be completely perfect for holidays.
I hate when people explain me what i suppose to do, I’m independent.

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