I really miss how Taaz used to be. It used to be so much more tight-knit and welcoming. I miss my old Taaz friends. Nothing is like it used to be.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, fair skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Hi there, I'm Helene. I'm pretty much a socially awkward teenager. Get to know me if you'd like. :)

The Corner

hzlaugher published a new makeover.

hzlaugher commented on mmm

"What a transformation !"
msmmmore has posted on hzlaugher 's corner

"Hi Helene! I miss you and all the TAAZ members from a couple of years ago. You are right; nothing is the same. Are you in communication with anyone from way back when?"
hzlaugher commented on mmm

"Love it, Margaret. :) Glad to see you again."
hzlaugher published a new makeover.

hzlaugher commented on Natural Look

hzlaugher commented on mmm

"Love the androgynous transformation!!"
hzlaugher commented on mmm

"I like the new makeup!"
hzlaugher replied to How long should you wait to re-dye hair?

" Good question. It really depends on what type of dye you're using: whether it is a lightening solution, a semi-permanent, or permanent…
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