I may look like a woman but I sound something like Johnny Cash when I talk and sing, and I have performed Rings of Fire at the original pitch! John
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, light skin, gray long (past shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I'm a genetic male, and I would like to see how I would look like made up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have broken out of the narrow constraints imposed on men with their stupid "Masculine Anxiety" - such as using "murses", "manscara", and "guyliner" instead of the original articles such as purses, mascara, and eyeliner. Men ask the stupid question, "Is that manly enough?" wondering about some article of clothing or grooming accessory. When was the last time a woman asked the following question as she was putting on a flannel shirt and jeans, "Is this womanly enough?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While my wife watches blood and gore movies I log onto TAAZ. And my wife NEVER wears skirts, dresses, or heels, but I do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's encouraging to see how an old fellow like myself can look all dolled up! As I play around with various options it's really amazing the different variety of appearances for different occasions. That for me as a man is something new! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I get myself all dolled up with intense makeup I would look great for going out wearing an evening gown. On the other hand, a small amount of makeup takes years off of my face while I can still wear a man's suit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The engineer inside me makes me try all kinds of hairstyles, hair colors, and different makeup, all to achieve the best look. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to grow my hair out some more. It is already past my shoulders, and the natural color of my hair is close to that of the avatar. I wear dresses around the house but I need to work up the courage to wear them publicly. I will still continue to wear regular men's clothing as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of my pictures are of me with either no makeup or only a little bit. The makeovers are based on the pictures that I have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sing in church choirs and was in a community chorus, where I sing second bass. I have a speaking and singing voice something like Johnny Cash. I used to sing Ghost Riders in the Sky and Rings of Fire karaoke at the local bar at the original pitch. I like to go to You Tube and look up "basso profundo" which brings up music sung by deep down Russian basses and sing along with them in the subterranean depths (of course, I don't know the words since it's sung in Russian). I also play classical guitar.

The Corner

hudelson2 replied to Do you think shoulder length hair from…

"In my opinion anybody, man or woman, can wear his/her hair shoulder length at any age. John"
hudelson2 published a new makeover.

Platinum Blond Carrie Underwood Style
This hair color is close to my natural grey hair color.
hudelson2 commented on Magic Mike: 1 Minute Reason Why You…

"Good for laughs - reminds me of when I was a young man of going to "gentlemen clubs" to see women strip. And of course there were the B…
hudelson2 commented on Carrie Underwood Style - close to my…

"This hair style brings to mind the grey wigs men wore in the 1700's. Back then men wore makeup. So this makeover would have been mainstream…
hudelson2 published a new makeover.

Carrie Underwood Style - close to my…
My wife does not want me to dye my hair, She really likes my natural hair color. My natural hair color is fairly close to as shown here. John
hudelson2 commented on Sexy Shorts for Summer

"What's wrong with skirts? I wear them most of the time instead of shorts when the weather is warm. -- John"
hudelson2 commented on Lovely Girl

"Both before and after really look nice! -- John"
hudelson2 commented on What shorts are the best for summer?

"I see pants and shorts as a necessary evil of what one would wear if (s)he were riding a horse or a bike. Having said that, I would go for item 2,…
hudelson2 commented on What shorts are the best for summer?

"To hell with shorts! I as a man wear denim skirts instead! -- John"
hudelson2 replied to Should I get more tanned or more pale..?

"Just treat your skin naturally - meaning that you don't make a special effort to stay out of the sun. I would say don't intentionally…
hudelson2 commented on Which level of makeup do you prefer?

"Here is still more an intense makeover - more eye makeup and darker lipstick. John"
hudelson2 replied to Does Nail Polish Damage Your Nails?

" I use clear nail strengthener on my fingernails and allow the white of the nail to grow to 4 mm long. However, after a while the outer layer of my…
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