BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal medium to tan skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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hnicoleh asked a question.

What sort of makeup should I wear?
I have blond wavy hair that I always straighten, blue eyes which I LOVE, and pretty medium shaded skin.
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Which actress for main character?
I'm writing a book, and I need an actress to play the main character. The main character's name is Rosabela, and she's Italian.…
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hnicoleh replied to what color would i look best in?

"I think a dark blond similar to your natural hair color would be pretty."
hnicoleh asked a question.

What would be a good color to dye my hair?
I don't know what color I should dye my hair. I have naturally medium blond hair. It's normally wavy and sort of frizzy.
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"I love FOOD"
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"Who like music? I do!! (which you probably figured out from my profile pic)"
hnicoleh commented on I'm writing a book. Which color hair…

"Here. I made one of her with brown hair. Tell me what you think"
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"Listening to music from In The Heights. Daydreaming about meeting 1D!!!!!"
hnicoleh commented on Which color????

"I like 6 and 2 the best."
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I'm writing a book. Which color hair…
I'm writing a hunger games fan-fic, and the main character is a teen named Shianne. She is supposed to look like Ariana Grande, but maybe…
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"I am so bored that it's not even funny."
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