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hlev replied to Which hair cut should I get?

"I would keep your hair long and wavy."
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hlev replied to What to wear with these pants?

"Thank you all very much :)"
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hlev commented on Which bag is the best?

"1., 4., 7.;"
hlev replied to Hair growth

"I agree with Icyfire_. My suggestion is simmilar: - drink a lot - eat everything - don't use any heat - comb your hair very gently- not if…
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What to wear with these pants?
Wear or not to wear :) And what to wear with these aladin pants? I mean what kind of shoes, shirts, jackets and accessories. I will be thankful for…
hlev replied to Bangs or No bangs??

"the colour of your hair is great! let it so. side bangs will look better. i am for tiddliewinks26 suggestion."
hlev replied to self cutting hair

"thanks a lot :)"
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