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hifzaa wants your vote.

which one is the funkiest style
which style you want to choose! i want to pick one for my collage party
hifzaa commented on 3 BARBIE LOOKS!

"i like bold 1"
hifzaa commented on BEST DRESSS RETURNS

"i like 5 8 9"
hifzaa commented on which makeover do you like!

"i likethe gloss of num 2"
hifzaa commented on Should i get bangs?

"try side bang"
hifzaa replied to What is the best way for me to do my hair?

"your have wide forehead and your hair is look thin you can try updo or flip cutting you can also try these styles"
hifzaa commented on Which face shape do I have?

"i guess u have oval shape and mine too you can try side fringe or you can up style you front hair u look great....i have tried "
hifzaa replied to what kind hair style n colur suit me?

"you can try flip or this style"
hifzaa replied to I need a dress for Prom next year, can you…

"think about this i love this for prom"
hifzaa replied to What hair color suit me best?

"i like you existing colour dear"
hifzaa commented on which one do u like the most?

"All rings are too good which make me crazy is 6 and 8 "
hifzaa replied to Hair color suggestions?

"change your hair style first your face cut is not suit with this hair cut and you can try brown ash"
hifzaa replied to What kind of eyeliner style is best for…

"use thicker linner at the outer edge "
hifzaa replied to What can I wear with a cobalt blue tube…

"Nice idea and you can try flat brown "
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