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hchapin replied to Brown or Blonde?

"I think honey blonde for you"
hchapin replied to Winter Outfits

"I like cuddly clothes, like knit leggings."
hchapin commented on Stem Cells in Skin Care

"We can always count on you to bring us the latest and greatest in the skincare arena. I saw that Eclos brand at the Walgreens the other day, but…
hchapin asked a question.

Is there any product besides the really…
Latisse to grow longer darker lashes?
hchapin asked a question.

I've been researching how to treat…
I read the same thing over and over that I should put petroleum jelly on my hands and wear cotton gloves to bed. Isn't petroleum jelly…
hchapin asked a question.

I use hand sanitizers alot
and wash my hands regularly in order to avoid getting sick. That along with the cold weather and my hands are so dry there flaking off. I put hand…

"If you're lucky enough to have virgin hair, just wash it with baby shampoo. That is certainly the cheapest option. Since your hair…
hchapin replied to Dyed my hair, but the roots came out TOO…

"If this happened to me, I'd head to a salon for their advice:)"
hchapin replied to how do you get hair to grow D:

"Your diet has a lot to do with how your hair behaves. Eat healthy, can't emphasize that enough. Don't put hair products, like…
hchapin replied to What should I wear?

"I would wear ripped jeans and a shirt with the bands name on it, fake lashes. You want to look hot, but be comfy. "
hchapin replied to How to stop biting your finger nails

"Rub some tea tree oil onto your nails first thing in the morning. It will make your nails taste so nasty, you won't chew on them."
hchapin commented on Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond

"Winter can be really rough on our skin. I can't thank you enough for giving us some rules 2 play by."
hchapin commented on 2012 Holiday List of Top Ten Favorites

"I enjoyed reading your list a lot. That mascara sounds like a really good product. Most mascaras are just loaded with chemicals that seem to…
hchapin replied to My skin has been acting up lately any…

"I think you should use the clarisonic. they have an acne system and it works really well. my friend used it and her acne is not noticeable…
hchapin commented on Gift of the Year: Sushi Perfume

"I should get this for my dad as a gag, since he's a really big on sushi."
hchapin commented on How to Look Good in Pictures

"Great article as usual. I really like how you cover all the bases with lots of really useful details."
hchapin commented on Skin Care Ingredients

"Thanks for this article. I just looked at my shampoo and conditioner, and the first ingredient is water. They were fairly expensive. I would…
hchapin replied to Who Wants to Be Featured on TAAZ?

"Heather Chapin from San Diego"
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