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hannahquinn wants your vote.

dip-dye, yay or nay?
my friend is thinking of dip-dying her dark brown hair one of these colours, please vote and any other advice would be welcome:)
hannahquinn commented on which set of false lashes do u like most…

"1-too thick, 2 and 3-look unnatural, 5-look very sparse. personally i think the 4th ones are perfect!!x"
hannahquinn commented on Which is best?

"number 2's hair colour would bring out your eyes but i like thr style on number 3 best, please vote on my hair colour question xox"
hannahquinn commented on what dress is better?!

"numbers 1 and 3 would be nice for parties, number 2 for a big occasion,and 4 and 5 for casual-wear, all really eye catching. please vote on my…
hannahquinn commented on Should I dye my hair red?

"dark red!! please vote on my hair colour question x"
hannahquinn commented on which is cuter

"loveeee the hair on 'indoor type', can you please vote on my hair colour question?"
hannahquinn commented on am i beautiful?

"yeah i like your eyes on the 3rd one, can you please vote on my hair colour question?"
hannahquinn asked a question.

what should i do with my hair?
its not actually this colour atm its blonde but it will be dark brown soon. im bored of my hair, i always have it the same every day and have done for…
hannahquinn replied to I don't like my look and think maybe…

"the glasses really suit you, hairstyles on point, i think your hair would look stunning dark brown like in the picture, that would bring out…
hannahquinn commented on Should I go red?

"red hair 1 reaalllly compliments your eyes x"
hannahquinn replied to What haircut and color goes with my…

"i'd go for this but if you're unsure put a temporary dye on then at least you can wash it off if you dont like it! x"
hannahquinn replied to I have another beauty/vacation Q

"l'oreal ELVIVE triple resist leave-in spray, always helps my ahir from going frizzy so you could try that:) have a good time in hawaii x"
hannahquinn wants your vote.

which colour suits me best?
im currently blonde and thinking of going dark brown, cant decide though! my hair is naturally mousy brown but i hate that colour, so vote…
hannahquinn replied to What shoes?

"either would go nice i think x"
hannahquinn replied to am i pretty?

"thank you so much everybody, your all so lovely!xx"
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