Anyone know any good websites on hair-do's?

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"Have layers to about mid-length and go a bleach blonde(but not to blonde)and have a side fringe :)<3"
hannahisamofo wants your vote.

Should i get my lip pierced?
i really want my lip pierced :D everyone says it will look nice but what do you lot think? if i do vote for which one :)
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Girls , what hair do's could i do for…
need something that will look nice and will look like ive spent time on it but hasnt took me long? HELP!!!
hannahisamofo replied to should i dye my hair midnight red?

"Yeah you should :) it will suit you<3"
hannahisamofo asked a question.

What hair styles could i do with my hair…
hey need some help ;o always having hair disasters so please?:D
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"Anyone know any good websites on hair-do's?"
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