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BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, normal light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) curly hair

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I am a 42 years young BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). I am voluptuous and curvy. I have long naturally curly hair. I am a part time professor teaching art and an active artist. I am here looking for advice on makeup that is natural but tones down the fullness of my face. I am also interested in a hair color and shape and/or length change that will flatter my skin tone and face shape. My hair color usually ranges from espresso, chocolate to auburn. At times I pull through subtle natural looking highlights. I recently experienced an on the job accident during my part time photography job which left me in a wheel chair for a few months, I am now up and on a walker and hope within the next six months to be off that as well. This has left me feeling less like my outgoing self. I am open to any and all suggestions of change to give me that outgoing sexy feeling about myself again. I am typically a very outgoing person, always involved in multiple activities like art exhibitions, activist work, promotions and teaching art. I want a fun, artsy, and sexy new look.

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gypsyart replied to Hair style for round face......

"Thanks so much Ruby and Denise, I actually like the suggestions you have made. my curly hair really never agrees to allow me to flat iron it LOL,…
gypsyart commented on Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond

"Great Trend GoodFaith, I have always used a hot shower on my face thinking it was more cleansing with no idea that I was damaging my skin. Thanks…
gypsyart replied to Hair style for round face......

"GoodFaith, I have a round face and a high forehead would long bangs with that style be advisable? It looks like the model in that image has short…
gypsyart replied to Hair style for round face......

"Thanks GoodFaith, I love that style, my curly hair will do that style with shorter layers. Thanks so much!"
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