BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
Brown eyes, normal light skin, very long (mid-back) light brown ,wavy hair

The Corner

girla1 commented on pink

"I really love this one!"
girla1 replied to How can I make this better?

"Tone down blush and lip color...."
girla1 commented on Which hair color do you like the most?

"Golden brown...also other shades of brown like ash and reddish"
girla1 commented on Which is the best look?

"#2 its the best"
girla1 published a new makeover.

girla1 commented on Red

"Great job!!!!"
girla1 commented on mmm

"Luv it!"
girla1 commented on Andry Roses

"Love it!"
girla1 commented on ISABEL

"so happy with your likes, very grateful to you girls!"
girla1 commented on luxury

"Great job!"
girla1 's new status :

girla1 replied to what colour hair suits me best

"Your hair has a very nice color.It looks great with your skin tone. But if you want to make a change, its better a blond or light brown than any…
girla1 commented on Keira

"great job indeed!"
girla1 commented on Monique

girla1 commented on Emma Platinum

girla1 replied to What shape is my face?

"I think you have a heart shaped face . Check this out:"
girla1 published a new makeover.

girla1 commented on cara delegvine

"Great job!"
girla1 published a new makeover.

la Romy
In honor of Romy , my mother 's favorite actress
girla1 commented on Taylor Swift Black Hair

"She looks great in dark hair, and great job with the make up,cool!"
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