THANK YOU TAAZ, !!!!!!!!!!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
Brown eyes, normal light skin, very long (mid-back) light brown ,wavy hair

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girla1 published a new makeover.

girla1 commented on what lipstick do you like

"chanel ...but also another brands "
girla1 published a new makeover.

girla1 replied to im 44 yrs old and full of life but feel…

"I also think you might look better with lighter shades. That one is great. Also try chestnut brown shade cause it warms up complexion."
girla1 commented on luana-75's Makeover

"Love this MO"
girla1 replied to the best product for dark skin, and shade…

"The Cover Girl Queen collection has a wider shade range for black women. One of the best products is the all day flawless foundation which…
girla1 commented on Lady Gaga With Or Without?

"Looks great in both, but #2 is definitely more vibrant"
girla1 published a new makeover.

girla1 replied to Would you buy ceramic earrings?

"It looks great. I thinks its important that you make sure that your earrings woulndt have a lot of weight. "
girla1 replied to I need a dramtaic hair color change!!

"I think she or he is wrong. My best friend has the same skin color that you have and she has dark brown hair . She looks great. And she has try light…
girla1 commented on CLAUDIA

"@luana-75 Grazie!!!!! Thanks!!!!"
fawnfawn3 has posted on girla1 's corner

"Thank you so much for your love and support of my makeovers, coming from you it means a lot"
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