I'm back, sorry for the long time I was gone D:
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal fair skin, ash blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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Hello! My name is Ol'ga Vital'evna Yakovleva, I sing theme songs to animes. If you will, please follow my fellow followers. I would most appreciate it ^.^ . I am associated with Yoko Kanno, and I have been present from somewhere in 1993 to this very day. I hope you have a great time on Taaz, and stay for as long as possible.

Yours truly

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newhit has posted on genevieve77777 's corner

"REST IN PEACE ol'ga :[ im in so much shock right now :("
Manga2 has posted on genevieve77777 's corner

"rip :("
kitkatrox has posted on genevieve77777 's corner

"R.I.P. Ms. Ol'ga Vital'enva Yakovleva. You will always remain in our hearts."
  1. @zahra234

    What's happened?

  2. @kitkatrox

    She passed away due to lung cancer.

  3. @zahra234

    Can you get that by smoking? My friend does so just wanna know!

  4. @kitkatrox

    You can :c Well...if she's inhaling the smoke then yeah the risk of having lung cancer may increase but if she's just blowing out the smoke then not really. But tell her to be careful though.

    For Ms. Ol'ga's case, I'm not sure what the cause of this was.

  5. @zahra234

    Oh right she told me that she smokes weed and inhales but exhales is that OK? What if it's in a shisha/hooka

  6. @newhit

    zahra ... really ? :)

  7. @newhit

    r.i.p .ol'ga

    you will be remembered :)

  8. @kitkatrox

    If she still inhales, the particles from the smoke still goes into her blood stream. It's still bad either way even if she exhales. However, if she just sucks in the smoke and hold it in her mouth and then just exhales, she might be ok. That's what my friend does with cigars. And same goes for shisha/hooka. As long as you're getting high, you know you're inhaling it.

  9. @zahra234

    sorry thanks so much i needed to know and when you inhale like you cant feel the smoke going down it is just in your mouth and you just blow out in a hooka and i know when having weed you get high in a hooka cuz you have to inhale but you do exhale and somehow it gets in your blood stream. i know sometimes it comes out your nose that feels horrible XD

  10. @kitkatrox

    Yeah lol. But when inhaling it, the smoke kinda goes down your sinuses and all that (sorry I'm really bad at explaining things lol). So either way it'll end up in your bloodstream. But then if you just hold the "smoke" in your mouth, you should be alright I guess but this isn't fullproof. Just tell your friend to be careful since there are long term consequences.

  11. @zahra234

    oh will do x thanks so much but what if your addicted like what then?

  12. @zahra234

    how to stop?

  13. @kitkatrox

    If you're addicted, it might be hard to stop. My recommendation is to replace smoking cigars/cigarettes/whatever with vapes. Vaping is kind of like using an e-cig and is water vapor, and I've heard from a lot of people that it helps them cope with addiction to smoking. Its also recommended that you go to a sauna because it'll make you sweat out the nicotine. Try using patches if you can. Visiting a therapist can help. If you feel your addiction is getting out of hand, definitely get professional help because you can cause extreme damage to your body in the future.

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