I'm back, sorry for the long time I was gone D:
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal fair skin, ash blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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Hello! My name is Ol'ga Vital'evna Yakovleva, I sing theme songs to animes. If you will, please follow my fellow followers. I would most appreciate it ^.^ . I am associated with Yoko Kanno, and I have been present from somewhere in 1993 to this very day. I hope you have a great time on Taaz, and stay for as long as possible. Yours truly Origa..

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"I'm back, sorry for the long time I was gone D:"
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genevieve77777 's new status :

"Could everyone please check out Marziapies' profile and follow her? She's such a great person :) Thanks <3"
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kitkatrox has posted on genevieve77777 's corner

"You met Sugizo? That is awesome! You're so lucky"
  1. @genevieve77777

    Yeah! He's a good guy. He was in one of my albums :D

  2. @kitkatrox

    Oh wow, that is so cool. Do you have a song on youtube I can look up? ^^

Marziapie has posted on genevieve77777 's corner

"Hello Miss Yakovleva, It's Marzia. Could you spread the word that I'm new and could use some advice? Thanks for always being so kind, and for the great advice on Taaz."
  1. @genevieve77777

    Hey Marzia! Of course :)

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"heyyyyyyyyy genevieve 77777 :))))"
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"5 priichesky!!"
genevieve77777 commented on defile

"10 is pretty :D"
genevieve77777 commented on Shades of PINK!

"Omg It's so good to hear from you again!!! Wonderful makeover!!!"
genevieve77777 commented on Bride of Hallow

"Thank you kindly :)"
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