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fawnfawn3 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Thanks foxy"
fawnfawn3 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Thanks for the Luv and Support of my makeovers"
Glorialynn24 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Thanks for the love of my makeover."
fawnfawn3 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Thanks for the luv of my makeover Dear"
Vivienn25 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Thanks for liking my work on Bruce Jenner.Hope to see your makeover soon."
Surfergirl22 has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"THANK YOU for liking my makeover!! I LOVE doing them a lot! Hope you to look at yours soon :)"
sooozie has posted on foxy__roxy 's corner

"Haha, your bio is AWESOME!!! :)"
foxy__roxy commented on Candy Makeup

"Love the colors! The bottom two are great in photography...but I can't imagine going out wearing a face full of makeup like that ;D"
foxy__roxy commented on 1980s Hairstyles

"Awesome look ;D"
foxy__roxy commented on Playboy Playmate Makeup

"cute look ;) pink lips totally completes the look"
foxy__roxy commented on Beauty Home Remedies

"Milk of Magnesia????? My gramps uses that as a laxative! LOL"
foxy__roxy commented on Rock and Republic Contrived Pressed…

"Wow, R&R also makes makeup? I love their jeans but don't know how I'd feel about them branching into a whole new territory of…
foxy__roxy commented on How to Wear Pink Lipstick

"^oohhh give it a try, you might be surprised! :D"
foxy__roxy commented on Hollywood Lipstick Trends

"Want to try out that red shade...but in a matte finish. Looks gorg!!"
foxy__roxy commented on Glamorous Prom Makeup Looks

"DARK EYES DARK LIPS FTW!!!!! I love this look :D"
foxy__roxy commented on Easy Wedding Hairstyle

"This is a pretty good look for a cocktail party too!"
foxy__roxy commented on Josie Maran Makeup

"I <3 josie maran's makeup line :)...as a vegan, it's kind of hard trying to find eco-friendly makeup products, and hers' are…
foxy__roxy commented on Lauren Conrad Makeup

"Just tried lining the inner rim of my eyes...and they wouldn't stop watering. it's was pretty unbearable :("
foxy__roxy commented on Whitney Port Hairstyle

"my hair ain't curling :( they just fall flat when i take out the rollers :("
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