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flatering replied to My face makeup

"I think you should definetly focus on improving your skin rather than covering although there are foundations that really do cover…
flatering replied to Anyone know of a good foudation that…

"illamasqua have tons of shades in different collections and they start off from literally white which would be mostly used for theatrical…
flatering replied to How do you do smoky eyes?

"i would watch a you tube video youl understand it a lot better and youl see the different kinds of colors used plus there's dozens of them"
flatering replied to How can I make my eyelashes look fake…

"I use my remington heated curlers which looks just like a mascara brush meaning you don't lose your eyelashes like many other curlers.…
flatering replied to should i wear foundation if my skin is…

"Foundation can really ruin your skin especially if its an oil based , the oil free ones aren't as bad. If you really want to use something on…
flatering replied to What is the best mascara brand out there?

"i love benefit bad gal lash , i always use them with heated curlers which give an amazing false lash effect ."
flatering replied to Why does my make-up wear off straight…

"Most foundations no matter what they promise don't last for more than a few hours without fading or streaking. I'd recommend some…
flatering commented on theatrical makeup

"illamasqua is an amazing brand for theatrical makeup and its also insanely good quality , there only a uk brand right now but you can go on their…
flatering asked a question.

will dying my hair blonde really ruin my…
ive got natural meduim brown hair i currently have it dark brown and im hoping to dye my hair blonde im pretty sure il have to go to the…
flatering wants your vote.

hmm should i go blonde?
okay i know these pics are super ugly :L but yeah what do you think ?
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