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flaahrob wants your vote.

what is the best hair?
blond or red... please
flaahrob replied to how do i get rid of heat rashes on my face?

"using enough moisturizer, sunscreen both in cold and in heat. Rinse with cold water every day before sleeping and waking."
flaahrob replied to Should I dye my hair blonde before…

"you have to bleach first and then paint WITH INK. So that the color set "
flaahrob replied to Que corte e cor de cabelo loiro fica…

"a cor da sua pele não combina com loiro, apenas umas luzes escurecidas. e em relação ao corte tenta repicado, por que seu…
flaahrob replied to Which color is best for me?

"Black emphasized the color of your eyes and your skin (:"
flaahrob replied to what kind of haircolour suits me?

""Californiana" is very beautiful :)"
flaahrob replied to What color should I dye my hair?

"red is very pretty (: try to make some lights also"
flaahrob replied to would copper hair work on dark hair?

"your hair black is very beutiful. cobre not combined (:"
flaahrob replied to Should I go blonde?

"highlighted red hair the color blue of your eyes Admittedly blonde is beautiful, not hurt to try! Your hair is very beautiful"
flaahrob commented on flaahrob's Makeover

"@rosesx we can change the world :D "
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