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"oohhhh how swet of u...thaq u !! :D"
fashionfreak2 replied to Would like to shed 5 pounds before…

"Also make sure that u drink lots of water cause you can get dehydrated especially when you work out a lot."
fashionfreak2 replied to do i look good when i smile???

"Of course you look pretty when you smile. You shouldn't consider yourself ugly especially when you smile cause u dont know how others…
fashionfreak2 asked a question.

Graduation makeup?
Graduation is soon and I don't know how to do my makeup! Ant advice??
fashionfreak2 replied to how can i make my nails strong and hard?

"What I do is I mix oil and salt in a bowl and soak my nails in it for like 10 mins. It might sound weird but my nails were breaking and soft cause I…
fashionfreak2 replied to If you have medium to dark brown hair and…

"I would say to start out with dirty blonde and go from there. I will look like you'r hair got lighter from spending time in the sun and will…
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