Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, dry light skin, ash blonde very long (mid-back) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Crazy, fun loving girl or shall I say women? Love BEAUTY and simple things. Love to get dresses up, Love my make up, but at the same time I prefer be natural and fresh!!!
Favourite brend? There are so many :) I don't go just for brend, I go for things what suits me the best! It can be hell expensive one or the cheapest, what matter most how You put things together and play with colours :))
It is true that You can do wonders with make up.. You can transform most unattractive person in BEAUTY queen.. I love to make people BEAUTIFULLLLL ♥

The Corner

eredana69 published a new makeover.

Sweet brunet!
Hair style is amazing and it's like totaly different person...
eredana69 commented on JLo style

"Thank You so much guys :) I have thoughts on changing my blond hair colour to brown one..looks like JLo style suits the best :) "
eredana69 published a new makeover.

eredana69 published a new makeover.

JLo style
natural look
eredana69 published a new makeover.

From natural to glamorour..
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…"
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