Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, combination light skin, dark long (past shoulder) straight hair

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emanuela08 commented on should i change my…

"NO NO dont change the black,it looks fantastic on you."
emanuela08 replied to Hi! What is the best eyebrow pencil out…

"shiseido natural eyebrow pencil,the best ever"
emanuela08 replied to What to do with this boring hair?

"Girl the first thing that came to my mind is bangs.Straight heavy bangs would be perfect on you.About the color,make it more red! ;) This type…
emanuela08 replied to what hair color suits me?

"i think your hair color is to ashy/cold for your skin.You need a warmer color like golden brown,caramel,redish brown or warm darkbrown :)…
emanuela08 replied to What color should I dye my hair?

"i can see you in light brown hair with some golden highlights :) Dark blonde could also work."
emanuela08 commented on Does light or dark hair suit me better?

"you look great with dark hair,no need to go light.And it is more damaging to lighten the hair.:)"
emanuela08 published a new makeover.

Just made for fun.Evening look..
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