What a weird day..
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, normal fair skin, reddish brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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I love trying different things, I love new makeup and hair trends. I love my job and I am upgrading to R.P.N in Sept of 2012.

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ellyse.sampson commented on which hairstyle suits me better?

"I really like the 3rd hairstyle on you. I think bangs would look awesome on you!!"
ellyse.sampson replied to What products would you suggest for a…

"From the picture you seem pretty fair skinned like myself! I usually put on some bronzer, highlighter, mascara and maybe a lip stain…
ellyse.sampson 's new status :

"What a weird day.."
  1. @smexii_cupid

    what happened??

ellyse.sampson commented on 1 photo, 4 makeovers best and why?

"I like the natural babe the best. "
ellyse.sampson replied to Debating on 'natural' hair…

"Thanks @hzlaugher :) I think I am leaning towards more of a red then blonde. Thanks everyone "
Littlestlion99 has posted on ellyse.sampson 's corner

"I love your hair color! It's so different and beautiful! You also have beautiful eyes! :)"
ellyse.sampson replied to plz telll me ur best eyeliner!?

"I like Annebell kohl eyeliner."
ellyse.sampson commented on which nailz?

"I LOVE nail art, but my favorite would have to be the pink patterns."
ellyse.sampson replied to Debating on 'natural' hair…

"I'm surpised no one has told me to go red or anything like that haha. That's what i was kind of leaning towards, Ive had brown with…
ellyse.sampson replied to Debating on 'natural' hair…

"The purple and yellow are hair feathers haha. "
ellyse.sampson replied to Debating on 'natural' hair…

"Really? Never really thought to go that route. Like, full head of hair blonde? lol "
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