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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, sensitive light skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

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ellie_70 replied to What color should I dye my hair ?

"My hair was that colour after last summer (spent alot of time on the boat) I added some golden reddish highlights to warm it up. Will be doing the…
ellie_70 commented on with make up or without makeup?

"Definately without, you don't need alot of make up. The second one I think makes you look like a painted doll."
ellie_70 commented on Do you think I could pull it off as a hair…

"Have to agree with Briana, you do have beautiful hair but are you willing to have it cut or coloured?"
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I have very odd colour eyes, what eye…
One eye is grey with green/blue hues to it depending on weather, the other is the same only 1 quarter hazel. Which colours would bring all these…
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