BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, mohagany long (past shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
i really like taaz because you can be subtle and stylish or wild and crazy!!!! im only young :) so my designs wont be perfect, i can upload pics but i can never find any good face front pics on the comp x

The Corner

electric_blue44 commented on Which hair colour suits me best?

"your eyes are beautiful xx"
electric_blue44 commented on Your fav jacket ?????

"6! simple yet can be worn dad to day or dressed up for a night out or even proffesionaly for work or interview! perfect! x"
electric_blue44 commented on Which Ariana ?

"---... they all look amazing :)"
electric_blue44 commented on Which of green makup do you like ?

"@tisoleil87 no offense to the artist but ur seriously telling me that if you were black you would walk out of ur door looking like that? ugh..."
electric_blue44 replied to What do I wear for school in England?

"calm down! its just school! just wear what you would wear at the weekend cos you wouldnt go out looking like an idiot at the weekend so if you wear…
electric_blue44 commented on How should i have my hair for prom?

"up cos it looks classy and neatly messy at the same time!!! xhave a good time x"
electric_blue44 commented on What hair color looks best?

"absolutely 7 it brings out your beautiful feature and doesnt look flat because it has more than one base colour in it! xxxx go for it! x"
electric_blue44 replied to Would I suit red hair?

"when i 1st saw the photo i thought it was ur natural! yeah it suits ya x"
electric_blue44 commented on what makeover looks best?

"the 3rd one cuz jessie look baaaad with blonde hair :\"
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