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ebonystreet replied to Do I look okay with short hair?

"Don't be self conscious be proud! If anyone has something mean to say about it turn around and say 'yeah so what? My hair is short? I did…
ebonystreet replied to I've started to get a few spots? How…

"@RoryGautsche, I don't really now what they are they are just little bumps, that are simular to spots but are the same colour as my skin and…
ebonystreet replied to I want long hair

"@Lonnie32 thank you for the advice, and that's the problem, my hair is naturally an afro which i hate, so I have to straighten it everyday,…
ebonystreet asked a question.

I want long hair
my hair takes ages to grow, any body know how I can make it grow longer faster?
ebonystreet asked a question.

I've started to get a few spots? How…
I wash my face every morning and night and thouroughly take my make up off. I still get spots what do I do?
ebonystreet replied to eyes to big how can i make them look…

"top and bottom eye liner and smokey eyes but not too much because it doesn't look good:L p.s big eyes are beautiful x"
ebonystreet replied to how do i get my natural hair color back?

"get it stripped at the hairdressers, or buy something to strip the color but not a cheap one or you can get another hair dye from the shop and dye…
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wish i actually had long eyelashes like this and actually did have those eyes and that colour hair:(


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