Today is a wonderful day...
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"I love the roses touch... My favourite flower. Overall I love this look!"
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"Today is a wonderful day..."
dyann 's new status :

"exhausted. is helping his grandmother who has experienced health problems. as thanks the bad woman who lives in the apartment above shouted all morning until I woke up. Bless her! When will I have a normal day?"
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"nervous and jerky. Friday, the dentist removed the wisdom tooth and has not yet recovered. an herbal infusion to relieve stress."
canadiangirl1966 has posted on dyann 's corner

"Thank you for the advice! I think warmer would look better like in the auburn color. Have a great day!"
dyann replied to What color would be best for me?

"You could go back to the color Mother nature gave you, or you can try something really different, for ex. auburn, golden blonde or something…
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Vampire Girl
Victoria Frances' style vampire female.
dyann published a new makeover.

Vampire Woman
The classical version of the vampire female.
dyann wants your vote.

How can I make a more real zombie makeup?
I tried to reply the makeup of the zombies seen in movies. What would you change to make it better?
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"...sleepin' on the chair..."
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