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dorothyheartsyu asked a question.

Is this dress appropriate for my…
I'm on an academic team at my high school, and our banquet is this week. The dress code is semi-formal or a bit more casual; the guys are…
dorothyheartsyu commented on One Model.....4 Different…

"I really like 3, but the bangs kill it for me. :/"
dorothyheartsyu commented on do you like to wear tights?

"Sheer is the way to go ! haha (:"
dorothyheartsyu commented on which hairstyle you would like to pick?

"Long, cascading curls are timelessly pretty. (:"
dorothyheartsyu commented on The best color for me?

"Dark brown is just right! (:"
dorothyheartsyu commented on which hat is" in "for this…

"Slouchy berets are too cute! And always go for spring and summery colors (:"
dorothyheartsyu replied to Should I still wear bow and flower…

"NO! Flower and bow hairbands are classic accessories. I think they actually give off a little bit of a "preppy" feel, rather than…
dorothyheartsyu replied to Hair Growth.

"Frequent trims help because they get rid of split ends and keep your hair healthy. But if you don't have a lot of split ends, then trims…
dorothyheartsyu replied to Is it good or bad to remove mascara with…

"Soap is really bad for your skin! Get makeup remover, or if that's too much of a hassle, a lot of facial cleansers can double as makeup…
dorothyheartsyu replied to What color works well with a blue dress?

"I've never heard that rule, but if you don't want to risk it, then I'd recommend a classic smoky black/grey, or maybe a light…
dorothyheartsyu published a new makeover.

girl next door
simple, classic hair with just a bit of makeup here and there... (;
dorothyheartsyu replied to Black Hair? What do you think?

"I think the black kinda overwhelms your complexion because your skin is really really light. :/"
dorothyheartsyu replied to my hair and my face ( want change)

"You're really pretty if there's no makeup in this photo! Lucky (: If you want to do something new, I'd say add some highlights in…
dorothyheartsyu commented on Should I get a fringe?

"the fringe looks great! it's a risk totally worth taking (:"
dorothyheartsyu replied to i have really oily skin.

"Invest in a really good cleanser, and make sure it's especially for oily skin. Wash your face twice a day, and make sure you start with hot…
dorothyheartsyu replied to What color of hair looks best on an asian…

"Go for a dark-ish, mahogany brown. If that's still too plain, then add some golden highlights to change it up! (:"
dorothyheartsyu replied to What is the best garment to wear when you…

"That would depend on where you're chubby. For example, if you have a larger tummy, then wear empire waist tops over skinny jeans to hide…
dorothyheartsyu replied to What kind of dress or atleast color would…

"any dress goes well with nude (: but if they're pumps then i would suggest a dress with a fitted bodice and a flared or bubble hem that hits an…
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