I love new charm day :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, sensitive fair skin, copper medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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bibi-906090 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"Hi! nice to know you!"
P.Steffensen has posted on designbyday 's corner

"I send you greetings from Berlin/Germany"
Vivienn25 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"Thank you Jennifer for liking my work on Bruce Jenner,hope to see some new makeover from you."
veronica5359 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"thnx :)"
fashionaddict1983 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"thanks so much sweety ❤"
alda50 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"thanks for my new makeup"
mariaebasta2011 has posted on designbyday 's corner

"Thank you for loved my makeup, i'm glad :)"
designbyday commented on blond

"Seriously adorable hairstyle on you!!"
designbyday commented on rusa-15's Makeover

"You absolutely need to get that lipstick. It really brings your face to life. It's gorgeous."
designbyday commented on PROX. FOTO

"You look great with bangs!"
designbyday commented on sophieelston1's Makeover

"you can totally pull that off :)"
designbyday commented on karol94's Makeover

"Very Audrey Hepburn :)"
designbyday commented on enrique4's Makeover

"Blonde is really pretty on you!"
designbyday commented on cud blegis

"Although the dark color is very striking, I really like the lighter brown with your skin tone. If you're looking for a change I think this…
designbyday commented on pretty redhead

"She looks like Shirley Manson with the red hair. Very pretty."
designbyday commented on lolita4ever's Makeover

"Wow - what a makeover! You look like a movie star."
designbyday commented on 16

"Bangs really suit you!"
designbyday published a new makeover.

Emma Chastain
Emma Watson in Zero Dark Thirty
designbyday commented on Thanks for helping me decide! Here are…

"I really like the side swept bangs on you"
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