what is your fave time of day?
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal light skin, reddish brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
i'm a happy double bk amputee and live in a wheelchair for now,i'm living with a guy and love him with all my heart and soul,he is a care giver and lover to and my best friend for life.
one day i hope to walk again on fake legs and run with sprint leg,i love pets,small pets the most like chihuahua and want one so bad i can teast it.love is in the air but i love Christman time the most and the winter,i once hard beauty is only skin deep but i see it the other way some times.just add me to your fb list and would love to see you there too,i love this site

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denise4949 asked a question.

what hairstyle is in for fall and winter,…
I want the latest trend of how to wear my hair for the fall and winter
denise4949 asked a question.

what short cut to get
is the angled bob a good hair cut for round faces, I have a full round face and love the short hair cuts, but is the angled bob good for me or not, tell…
denise4949 asked a question.

what is the best foundation for my olive…
i'm 52 this month and have a big problem with getting the right look from my foundation, so help me with the right one to look my best,please
denise4949 asked a question.

i really need your help with my hairstyle
I have a very round face and don't want long hair and love the layered look bob and what would you say to maybe a medium look for me
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