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"Dear GoodFaith: does eating chocolate really make you break out?"
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"what will a glycolic 'peel' do for me? Peel sounds scary"
  1. @GoodFaith

    There are all different types of peels available. Some acids are more aggressive than others. The differences are- what they're dervied from, whether they're naturally occuring or synthetically created in a lab, the pH and the molecular size of that acid and its constituents. Glycolic acid is derived from either sugar cane extract or the fruit rhubarb. Glycolic acid is helpful to the skin, by removing just the top epidermal layers and revealing the fresh skin underneath. In a lower percentage such as 5% to 10% is perfectly safe; and even self neutralizes at that strength. If you're going to do it yourself at home, I would suggest that strength. You can also cleanse your face with a glycolic cleanser and leave it on a few minutes before rinsing it off and get a similar effect. It's kind of like exercise, once your skin has gotten used to it, you can move on to a higher strength. Then you can treat yourself to a glycolic facial at the spa.

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"I dont really like to wear sunscreen because it is so heavy and I always get some breakouts after I got out in the sun and sweat while wearing sunscreen. I know I should wear it, are there some products that dont feel heavy and greasy but work on your face?"
  1. @GoodFaith

    Any liquid sunscreen is going to melt down with your sweat and start dripping. It then clogs your pores. This is why I always recommend a mineral powder sunscreen. The minerals come from the earth; where it's really hot and sweaty. They are designed to withstand humidity, and will keep your skin dry; while absorbing your oils and sweat. If you get one matching your skin tone, it can double as a makeup. One I like: Colorescience.com
    Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30

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"All my friends are using Clarisonic brush machines and get excellent results. But they cost $100-150. Can you recommend something that gives the same results but costs less ?"
  1. @GoodFaith

    Oil of Olay has a similar system called PROx Facial Cleansing Brush, designed by top dermatologists. It has been clinically tested to work just as well as the Clarisonic, for about $20-$25. It can be purchased on Amazon.

  2. @vamp1967

    Thanks Faith I always wondered if that one was just as good! Appreciate the advice! Wal Mart here I come! ♥

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"Is it really true that eating chocolate causes your skin to break out?"
  1. @GoodFaith

    Believe it or not, chocolate is really, really good for your skin. It's loaded with antioxidants. However, it's dark chocolate that offers this benefit. When you add cream and loads of sugar to dark chocolate- you get milk chocolate. It's actually the milk fats and sugar, that cause break outs in the skin- and not the chocolate itself. There are hormones in the cream, and the sugar raises insulin in the body; which is also a hormone. This is what creates the cycle of a "milk" chocolate breakout. So, get some strawberries and melt some dark chocolate, & enjoy guilt free.

  2. @Choco_Holic

    Good, Because I'm a Choco-Holic myself!! Haha :D

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