..FInally got time to check Taaz!......,sorry all m,y friends here...been busy since giving birth....
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, medium to tan skin, dark long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
...I am the type of person who works what i want;(nail arts pleased me the most,i do change my nails every week) in d relationships that i need;( married with a supportive and loving croats man) in the social, mental, and aesthetic stimulation that will make me happy and fulfilled; ( teaching is my cup of tea,though i stopped when im now in croatia) enjoy the lifestyle that is appropriate to me;( shopping,glass painting,playing Badminton and volleyball).


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"@AliceE3 thanks dear....where is that?"
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"@manga-depressedgirl bwahaha ..lol dear"
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"Thanks for following me!!!"
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"Thanks for following me!!!"
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"1,2 and 3 are nice..."
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"i love straight hair but curly is sexy especially when there are parties..i like it more though...yet for daily..i would prefer straight"
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"3rd is awesome...sexy as well!"
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"try papaya leaves...scrub them on ur face before shower...let the extract stay f0r 10minutes before washing....its really effective,,i…
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